Integrating ground and flight lessons every week, our Private Pilot Program is designed to maximize learning and minimize out of pocket expense. We utilize state-of-the-art technology throughout every step of the learning process to teach, track progress, and support our students all the way to their checkride. Contact us to let your dream take flight and become a Private Pilot!



Take your piloting skills to the next level with our Instrument Program! Escape those gray cloudy days with the ability to get to your destination safely. We provide all the training necessary to prepare you regardless if its a modern glass or traditional six pack cockpit. 



Ready to get paid to fly? Our Commercial Program will prepare you for the workforce with Crew Resource Management Training and Aeronautical Decision Making integrated into every lesson to give you the best bang for the buck for your commercial training needs. Contact us to kickstart your career in the skies! 



Becoming a CFI allows you to give the gift of flight to others through teaching. As a CFI you get the benefit of being able to contribute to the aviation community all while providing valuable flight experience to your students. Come see why we love our job so much and start your CFI journey with North Georgia Aviation! 


Airline Pilot Training Program

Now is the time to become an airline pilot! The airlines are hiring, and are project to remain hiring well beyond 2030. Just this year American plans to hire 300, Spirit 400, UPS 227, and Fedex projects to hire another 560 pilots! 

The best way to reach your goal of becoming an airline pilot is through North Georgia Aviation. With our state-of-the-art training program you won’t be left feeling on your own like other local flight schools. With our implementation of modern, next generation technology you also won’t be left unprepared for the jump to new equipment when the time comes to transition. For those in our Airline Pilot Training Program, North Georgia Aviation provides Airline Style training and procedures to help prepare you for your future career today. Contact us for more information on how you can become an airline pilot in as few as 2 years!